My life was chaotic due to past traumas, substance abuse, mental health problems, self-harming and other issues. I was labelled with Borderline Personality Disorder with depression and anxiety and spent many months yo-yoing in and out of psychiatric wards. I lost custody of my daughter.

I was eventually referred to Sheila for Counselling. After a while we built up a strong rapport. Sheila was empathic, non-judgmental and understanding. She treated me like a person not a label. Her holistic approach enabled me to unravel my issues in a safe, secure place and way. Her tenacity and patience helped during my crises. I started to deal much better with my problems and learnt different coping mechanisms. I strongly believe that Person-Centred Counselling helped me miraculously on the way to recovery.

I have a much better quality of life and my life has turned around drastically. Many people, including myself, thought I would die because of my self-destructive ways. I am living proof that with appropriate support you can recover. I have not been in hospital for 4 years, which is amazing. I owe Sheila an awful lot because I am still here to tell the tale and now I can see my little girl grow up."