Sheila has been my therapist for more than 3 years. I had a severely abusive childhood and have been trying to sort myself out for a very long time. It's only since I have been seeing Sheila that have started to make real progress.
She was unfazed by all the horrors that constituted my past and dealt with my problems with warmth, compassion and understanding.
I've found that I can talk to her about anything. Sheila is totally professional, committed to her patients and has always been there for me. She gives herself 100% to her work and her patients and obviously enjoys what she does. Her high level of empathy facilitates healing in her patients. She has allowed me to start letting go of the past and moving forward with my life.

 My life was chaotic due to past traumas, substance abuse, mental health problems, self-harming and other issues. I was labelled with Borderline Personality Disorder with depression and anxiety and spent many months yo-yoing in and out of psychiatric wards. I lost custody of my daughter.

I was eventually referred to Sheila for Counselling. After a while we built up a strong rapport. Sheila was empathic, non-judgmental and understanding. She treated me like a person not a label. Her holistic approach enabled me to unravel my issues in a safe, secure place and way. Her tenacity and patience helped during my crises. I started to deal much better with my problems and learnt different coping mechanisms. I strongly believe that Person-Centred Counselling helped me miraculously on the way to recovery.

I have a much better quality of life and my life has turned around drastically. Many people, including myself, thought I would die because of my self-destructive ways. I am living proof that with appropriate support you can recover. I have not been in hospital for 4 years, which is amazing. I owe Sheila an awful lot because I am still here to tell the tale and now I can see my little girl grow up."